THE RESTAURANTE PUNTA PRIMA on the Costa Blanca has been delighting locals and tourists for over 25 years with its exquisite take on traditional Spanish cuisine.

It’s a popular venue due to its stunning large terrace offering commanding views of Punta Prima’s main beach and the Mediterranean Sea. The contemporary inside dining room features floor to ceiling glass walls so the beautiful view is never obscured.

We paid the restaurant a visit earlier this week one afternoon for a late lunch and were able to easily get seated, although booking would be recommended during the summer season.

Alfresco dining with amazing Mediterranean views

The multilingual waiting staff were friendly and helpful, and we were escorted to an outside table adjacent to the modern dining room.

Restaurant review: Restaurante Punta Prima, Costa Blanca, SpainThe restaurant has a choice of seating options, with the formal “indoor” dining space with those floor to ceiling glass walls, and an extensive rear terrace which is divided into two areas.

One area is available for a more casual dining experience, offering tapas and light snacks, while the other terraced area is dressed for those seeking the full Spanish restaurant experience. Whatever your preference, each location offers fabulous views while eating.

We found the premises immaculately clean, and the staff were extremely knowledgeable about the menu.

An extensive classic Spanish menu with so much choice available

As you might expect, the Spanish style menu offers the usual selection of specialty fresh seafood and prime cuts of steak, an exceptional selection of authentic Paella dishes, with classic Spanish dishes adding to the flavour of the menu.

Restaurant review: Restaurante Punta Prima, Costa Blanca, SpainRestaurante Punta Prima has an appealing selection of starters with prices starting at €6.50 for the organic tomato with Kalamata olives. Octopus served baked or Galician style (served with boiled potatoes and sweet Spanish paprika) costs €17.80.

For a complete Spanish dining experience order a starter to share – the Iberian ham and tomato served with “Pan de Cristal”, a Valencian specialty bread similar to ciabatta, costs €20.00 for two people.

The kitchen team’s discernible love of Spanish cuisine means the menu offers something to suit everyone’s taste, from meat lovers, to vegetarians and vegans; and they are more than happy to cater for people with special dietary requirements.

We chose to eat from the à la carte menu, which was presented in the English and Spanish languages.

Restaurante Punta Prima: exquisite traditional Spanish food

We sampled the Thai vegetable curry, served with white basmati rice, and the bone-in New York Strip short loin steak, served with roasted turmeric potatoes and salad.

Restaurant review: Restaurante Punta Prima, Costa Blanca, SpainEach dish was wonderfully presented (the photos illustrate how the dishes arrived at the table), and service was expedited rapidly.

The curry was priced at €10.50 and was one of three specialty vegetarian menu options.

The look may say it was thrown together by sheer accident, but the balanced, lasting aromatic flavours tell you it wasn’t.

The New York Strip weighed in at €28.00, with a Sirloin steak option available for €22.00, and a Spanish inspired rack of lamb appearing on the grill menu for €17.50.

Restaurant review: Restaurante Punta Prima, Costa Blanca, SpainGrilled dishes can be ordered with your choice of four sauces for an additional €1.50, and extra side dishes (steamed rice, a green salad, French cut fries, or grilled Mediterranean vegetables) cost €3.50 per dish.

A meal can be rounded off with one of their inventive desserts which compliment the traditional Spanish cuisine, and prices start from €3.50.

Tempting treats from the dessert menu include Pineapple Carpaccio, Caramelised Rice Pudding, or Lemon Sorbet with Vodka – a refreshing palate cleanser to end your meal.

Restaurant review: Restaurante Punta Prima, Costa Blanca, SpainAlthough the prices are a little higher than some other restaurants in the area, Restaurante Punta Prima is definitely one to try. The food is outstanding, the staff extremely helpful and the views – A-MA-ZING!.

This is the place to visit for that special occasion, celebration or just because you fancy treating yourself.

A truly fabulous Spanish experience accompanied by those wonderful views. Try it once and it will become one of your most treasured memories.

Need more information? You can find the Restaurante Punta Prima’s official website here, or click here to visit the restaurant’s TripAdvisor listing.

Photo credit: LaZenia.com