IT´S OFTEN AGREED that La Zenia and Playa Flamenca have many things in common: an excellent variety of bars and restaurants, beautifully manicured coastal areas, a shared Mediterranean coastal pathway, and two equally breathtaking beaches. But La Zenia´s northern neighbour has been hiding a secret.

Revealed: the hidden beach of Playa Flamenca, Orihuela CostaThe Blue Flag accredited beaches in Playa Flamenca of Cala las Estacas and Cala Mosca offer pure white sands and a cove-shaped structure that offers bathers calm and safe swimming waters.

Both beaches are exceptionally popular throughout the year and undeniably striking, separated by a grand promenade built across an area of naturally weathered exposed ancient volcanic rock, and peppered with Mexican fan palm trees.

Revealed: the hidden beach of Playa Flamenca, Orihuela CostaFor most visitors to this part of the Orihuela Costa, that´s where the beach experience ends. But for local residents, knowledgeable visitors, and those of us who choose to spend our time poring over Google Maps, there is a third beach at Playa Flamenca – hidden off the beaten track.

And hidden Cala Cabo Peñas certainly is. There is no path to the beach, no well-worn track, and no signage to indicate it´s presence, but this natural beauty spot lies just 90m northeast of Cala Mosca separated from view by the undulating terrain of a heavily bouldered hill.

Cala Cabo Peñas: the hidden beach of Playa Flamenca

With a crescent-shape beachfront measuring just shy of 100m at the waterline, Cala Cabo Peñas is some 10m larger than Cala Mosca but not as deep or large in terms of surface area.

Revealed: the hidden beach of Playa Flamenca, Orihuela CostaFlanked on three sides by a rocky outcrop, the rear elevation overhangs the beach whilst the land slopes down to the white sandy beach either side.

Largely unadopted by Orihuela Town Hall except for the provision of several refuse collection points, the beach is unspoilt, secluded, and natural. Unlike neighbouring beaches, Cala Cabo Peñas is bereft of lifeguard service year round, but it provides a popular alternative to the more prominent beaches during peak season.

For those looking for peace and tranquillity away from the madding crowds this autumn (or even next summer), Playa Flamenca´s hidden beach is well worth a visit. Find Cala Cabo Peñas on Google Maps.

Photo credit: LaZenia.com

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