A NEW EBOOK has just been launched by the popular N332 road safety group that interprets and translates Spanish traffic law into the English language.

The comprehensive work was announced earlier this week with a presentation at the Quiron Salud Hospital in Torrevieja.

Created by a team of serving traffic police officers led by Francisco Javier Morales Herrera, a police motorcycle patrol officer in Torrevieja, the title aims to inform residents and visitors of the laws that govern the roads and highways of the province.

Spanish traffic law in Spain, Costa BlancaReflecting upon his years of experience, Officer Herrera stated, “Access to information must be a right to which all citizens have, regardless of their country of origin, so I decided to carry out a translation of the Spanish Road Safety Act into English”.

He added, “By publishing this information I hope that fewer violations or accidents occur due to a lack of knowledge, and thus we hope to improve safety on our roads”.

Edited by Mark Nolan, an experienced journalist and radio presenter, and with the assistance of a team of dedicated volunteers, the international collaboration has resulted in a comprehensive collection of Spanish traffic law, the first of it´s kind anywhere in the country.

Stretching to 514 pages, the comprehensive eBook explains everything from road markings and signage, the rules regarding your responsibilities to other road users, and what to do in the event of an accident.

Current Spanish traffic law explained for 2018

The title contains some graphic illustrations of what can happen to those that choose to use the roads in an irresponsible manner, and provides professional advice for safe and legal road usage in Spain.

The N332 road safety groups website publishes regular articles that aim to explain the rules of the road in the English language, and debunk the myths that tend to disseminate throughout the expatriate community.

A member of the European Road Safety Charter, the groups Facebook page offers news and information related to Spanish traffic law. With nearly 130,000 followers the page is exceptionally popular.

The new eBook is provided free of charge and will prove invaluable reading for resident and visiting drivers across the Iberian peninsula.

With more than 5,000 copies of the title downloaded during the first 24 hours of publication, the new book is highly recommended reading. Click here to download your free copy (PDF file, 157Mb).

Photo credit: DGT España.

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