WITH THE NEW YEAR HERE it might be nice to know what 2019 holds for all of us here on the Orihuela Costa. That´s why we have compiled your new year stars: your complete horoscope for the next twelve months. Find out how you are predicted to fare over the next year.

New Year Stars 2019 | Aries

You are not likely to become so frustrated this year but may need to learn early in the year exactly how to pace yourself. Your household obligations are where your heaviest financial expense is occurring.

Fortunately, if you work hard and plan your investment schedule now, you can come out on top. If you are seeking a mate, look away from your normal locality to find your special person.

New Year Stars 2019 | Taurus

New Years Stars Horoscope 2019You feel a need for independence and you want to show the world that you’re unique. That’s cool. Just don’t delude yourself into thinking that everybody around you is going along with the program.

You could find yourself in a very dreamy mood. Whether chemically induced or not, this could cost you if you indulge in your fantasies too much. But this is a good time to get your ideas across.

New Year Stars 2019 | Gemini

2019 is going to be a remarkable year for Gemini, especially for those with an interest and inclination towards sports or art. The year starts favourably health-wise, but sign up for a dance class to help maintain peak performance.

This might improve the chances of finding a largely compatible partner with similar interests. Indecision and haste can lead to less joy and more disappointment.

New Year Stars 2019 | Cancer

Listen to your instincts when making vital decisions during the first months of 2019. The year starts with unexpected spending which could lead to a small financial crisis, but things will get better in time.

The transit of Venus can also bring uncertainty, yet there are chances of exciting meetings and romantic moments which might make Cancerian´s love life more pleasant.

New Year Stars 2019 | Leo

Leo´s will earn more during the first few months of the new year but must take care to avoid physical overload and balance their work and personal lives to maintain inner peace.

Those in love will need to make more compromises than usual to reap the benefits of their relationship, but be inspired by the air signs in your life (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) to unlock your partners true potential.

New Years Stars Horoscope 2019New Year Stars 2019 | Virgo

It´s important to learn how to be happy and to appreciate what you have, if you want to be happy and to enjoy harmony in love during the initial months of the year. Make the right moves early on, and 2019 can turn into a rewarding (and prosperous) year.

But with Saturn in Capricorn, you´ll need to moderate your spending and plan carefully for anything that involves money or heavy investment.

New Year Stars 2019 | Libra

Be enthusiastic and full of energy and your new year is sure to start well. Focus on work commitments and see them through to improve your financial outlook, but your health prospects for the year don´t look too good, so stick with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Librans in long-term relationships can look forward to moments of stability, harmony, and endearing compassion.

New Year Stars 2019 | Scorpio

2019 is going to be a perfect year for strengthening the bond with your partner or to establish new connections, so start early. With Pluto dominating your calendar for much of the year, love will be an enduring theme.

If you are in a relationship you will enjoy tranquillity and a lot of affection in the company of your life partner. If you´re not, be prepared to travel further to find love.

New Year Stars 2019 | Sagittarius

Professionally, the new year starts rather neutral, with no major changes or special events expected. But new relationships can develop into profitable partnerships, both financially and emotionally too, so start 2019 with an open mind.

You´ll find learning new skills will be easier than ever, and putting in some effort now will reap rewards with an unexpected bonus in the summer.

New Year Stars 2019 | Capricorn

Right from the start of 2019, you´ll have the opportunity to stand out, to prove that besides your organisational prowess, that you can show creativity and openness in relationships with others – professionally and emotionally.

But don´t let your pride push you into reckless spending decisions, or make rash judgements of others, as this may come back to haunt you later in the year.

New Year Stars 2019 | Aquarius

New Years Stars Horoscope 2019Governed by Uranus, the new year promises to be relatively stable after a somewhat troubled 2018. Stable might be boring, but it means that work, life, and love will remain in a positive equilibrium that allows you a greater degree of freedom to enjoy time without worry.

Aquarians possess superior intellect, so use this time wisely and consider adding new talents to your skill set.

New Year Stars 2019 | Pisces

You may have tasted the sweet fruit of love last year, and with Jupiter entering the house of partnerships and marriage this year, these relationships will evolve with a special and continuing intensity.

But with Saturn and Pluto entering a retrograde motion, you might want to restructure your social or work life to avoid certain friends or colleagues that might be envious of your animal attraction.

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