ZENIA BOULEVARD OPENING TIMES for 2020. Almost two years ago the unexpected implementation of new Valencian legislation forced Zenia Boulevard and other large retailers to close on Sunday´s.

The decision to uphold a legal amendment originally passed in March 2015 introduced new Sunday trading rules, and the resolution dictates that large shops and shopping centres can open on only 40 Sundays and public holidays each year.

La Zenia Boulevard opening times for 2020

The Valencian Parliament approved the amendment during the early part of February 2018, leaving commercial retailers and larger shopkeepers wholly unprepared for the imminent enforcement of new Sunday trading regulations.

Is Zenia Boulevard closed or open today? Opening hours for 2020

The ruling effectively ended Sunday shopping at certain times throughout the year, and after opening daily since it´s inauguration, Zenia Boulevard was obliged to close for the first time in its operational history.

La Zenia Boulevard opening times for 2020

The measures had an immediate effect on Zenia Boulevard in La Zenia, the Habaneras Shopping Centre in Torrevieja, and large retailers in Pilar de la Horadada, with local news outlets reporting increased footfall in shopping malls located in the neighbouring autonomous community of Murcia.

With the prohibition of retail therapy on Sunday´s, Zenia Boulevard responded with an enhanced and imaginative social schedule, hosting musical spectacles and artisan craft markets on Sunday´s throughout the summer.

The legislation does not apply to leisure facilities, nor restaurants or fast-food outlets, which continue to remain open to the public at any time of day during the year.

La Zenia Boulevard opening times for 2020

Zenia Boulevard opening times: find out if the shopping centre is closed today

The much-loved mall in La Zenia is the Orihuela Costa’s largest shopping centre, the largest in the entire south Costa Blanca, and one of the areas most visited tourist attractions, thanks in part to a packed social events calendar that runs throughout the year.

Zenia Boulevard opening times vary according to the time of year, with Sunday closures in La Zenia mainly affecting the months of January through to mid-June, with only two days of prohibited shopping in the latter half of the year.

The mall is usually open every day until 10:00 pm (11:00 pm during July and August), but shoppers might be caught out by three particular dates during 2020 where trading restrictions will cause closures on days during the working week.

La Zenia Boulevard opening times for 2020

So is Zenia Boulevard open today? Here´s the full calendar of dates that illustrate when the shops will be closed at the shopping mall throughout the 2020 year.

Day Date  
Wednesday 1st January SHOPS CLOSED
Monday 6th January SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 19th January SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 26th January SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 2nd February SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 9th February SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 16th February SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 23rd February SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 1st March SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 8th March SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 15th March SHOPS CLOSED
Thursday 19th March SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 22nd March SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 29th March SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 26th April SHOPS CLOSED
Friday 1st May SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 3rd May SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 10th May SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 17th May SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 24th May SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 31st May SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 7th June SHOPS CLOSED
Sunday 14th June SHOPS CLOSED
Friday 9th October SHOPS CLOSED
Friday 25th December SHOPS CLOSED

Find more information about Zenia Boulevard opening times from the official website, or download the official calendar to your desktop or mobile device by clicking here.

Page updated for 2020: This page was first published on 26th January 2019 and updated on 8th August 2020 for the current 2020 shopping year. Zenia Boulevard´s retail outlets are open as usual with public safety measures in place, including the mandatory use of face masks throughout the shopping centre. Please refer to our Facebook page for the latest local information.

Photo credit: LaZenia.com

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