LA ZENIA BOULEVARD will be hosting the regional Murcia wine fair tomorrow that celebrates the very best local Spanish wines produced by Murcia´s vineyards.

Now in its third iteration, the established annual event, officially titled “III Feria de las Rutas del Vino: Región de Murcia”, is supported by Costa Calida Turistica, Murcia´s official tourism body.

Murcia Wine Fair 2019, La Zenia BoulevardThe wine fair celebrates the primary wine routes of the Murcia region, each accredited by the Asociación Española de Cìudades del Vino, an industry body created to promote Spain´s agricultural heritage and the growing sector of wine tourism throughout Spain.

The association supports wineries and vineyards that combine traditional wine production methods with modern technologies to produce superior wines of excellent taste and clarity, which showcase Murcia´s use of the finest natural resources.

The event brings together the three best known gastronomic wine routes of the Murcia region: Jumilla, Bullas and Yecla, and representatives from each route will be on hand to inform visitors about wine ecotourism in the area.

Murcia´s historic wine routes allow visitors and locals to experience Spanish wine culture first-hand, by offering visits to local vineyards accompanied by tasting sessions and an informative commentary set within the idyllic Spanish countryside.

La Zenia Boulevard: Murcia wine fair III annual event

This weekend´s Murcia wine fair will aim to replicate that experience on a somewhat smaller scale, and visitors to La Zenia Boulevard will be encouraged to taste the award-winning wines firsthand, and participate in games and competitions to win prizes.

Murcia Wine Fair 2019, La Zenia BoulevardThe event will highlight the superb quality and clarity of Spanish wines, with Murcia’s annual wine production enjoying a greater prestige amongst connoisseurs and selective consumers, not only nationally but internationally.

One of the more original events held at Zenia Boulevard, last years wine fair was incredibly popular, with more than 5,000 attendees participating in the day-long wine fair.

This year the event organisers are providing complimentary live music, with on-stage performances from Che Swing and Marina throughout the day.

The third Murcia wine fair takes place at La Zenia Boulevard tomorrow, Saturday 11th May 2019, from 12:30 pm until 3:00 pm, and again from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm. For more information please visit the official La Zenia Boulevard website.

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Photo credit: Yecla Ruta del Vino

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