TORREVIEJA COUNCIL WILL reopen the city´s beaches this coming Monday 8th June, with maximum security protocols and public safety measures in place.

The mammoth undertaking to effectively patrol the city´s 20 km-long coastline, will be overseen by a team of city hall-appointed employees.

Torrevieja Council will employ 100 currently unemployed people to take charge of the municipality´s beaches, provide surveillance and control access.

The specialised team will be charged with ensuring the safe management of the beaches to ensure they remain crowd-free at all times.

Deemed essential for the safe enjoyment of the beaches this coming summer, members of the team will enforce the public safety measures issued by the Valencian Government – a 63-page raft of recommendations published last month.

Work is underway this weekend to implement a physical system that can maintain control over access to the city´s many beaches.

Torrevieja beaches, maximum security protocols for summer 2020

City Hall is planning to create a telephone reservation system or a mobile app that can authorise permission for residents and visitors to visit the beaches.

The new system will be able to monitor the real-time use of each beach, the duration of each stay, and the types of users that access the beaches.

Work is expected to take place at Torrevieja´s main beaches: Playa del Acequión, Playa del Cura, Playa de Los Naufragos, Playa de Los Locos, and possibly even Playa de La Mata to the north of the city.

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