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La Zenia Community Facebook Group rules for Orihuela Costa

WHEN WE STARTED THE La Zenia Community Facebook Group for La Zenia and the Orihuela Costa, we had no idea that it would get so, well – big.

In little more than 5-years, the group has gone from a small band of select members to one of the fastest-growing Facebook groups in the entire South Costa Blanca area.

The group has grown into a valuable source of local information for visitors to the Orihuela Costa, people who live here, and people who aspire to one day be our neighbours.

Between the La Zenia Facebook page and the La Zenia Community Facebook Group, the online social presence represents the thoughts, interests, questions and opinions of more than 85,000 people and reputable local organisations too numerous to count.

So we thought this might be a good time to introduce some basic Facebook Group rules, so everyone knows how to interact and we can all maintain the high expectations members hold for the group culture.

Facebook Group Rules Summary

  1. Rule number one: always be kind, thoughtful and courteous
  2. No hate speech, judgmental comments, harassment or bullying
  3. Damaging or misleading information (or “fake news”) is not permitted
  4. No promotion of a commercial business or Spam postings
  5. No promotion of any other social groups or Facebook pages
  6. No items for sale or promoting properties within the La Zenia group
  7. Respect for animals and the prevention of animal cruelty
  8. No illegal content, intellectual property, defamatory and adult content

La Zenia Community Facebook Group rules

Rule number one: always be kind, thoughtful and courteous

We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment so let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness, tolerance and understanding are required.

We're all from different backgrounds and countries, and we all speak a multitude of languages so don't be surprised if someone else's opinion doesn´t conform to yours. They're entitled to their opinion too.

The group is not exclusively an English or Spanish language group, and you are welcome to converse with other members in the language of your choice. Facebook boasts powerful translation tools that are easy to use on a vast array of devices, so feel free to post in the language you're most comfortable with.

No hate speech, judgmental comments, harassment or bullying

We want the Facebook Community Group to be a safe online space for everyone, and we want people to feel comfortable asking questions. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading or hurtful comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, physical appearance, ability or disability, age, or identity will not be tolerated.

Judgmental comments are unnecessary and have a chilling effect on the group. They hurt people, and make it harder for people to ask questions or reach out to others when they need help. Typically, judgmental comments tend to be off-topic, have no value, suggest that the principles of the post should align with theirs, or relay information that is irrelevant to the spirit of the original post.

Being part of the group requires mutual trust. Posts or comments that breach personal privacy, or identify people without their express consent, either by their name or their appearance, are not permitted within the group.

Damaging or misleading information (or “fake news”) is not permitted

We take every effort to ensure that factual information that appears in our group is accurate, and fake news, misleading content, unsubstantiated speculation, or posts containing incorrect or out-of-date information are not permitted.

Our Facebook Group rules do not permit the publication of any post or comment which might be potentially damaging to any business. If you have had a bad experience with a local business here in Spain, please speak privately with a representative of that business directly.

From time to time, Facebook will delete or decline posts that breach Groups and Events Policies, particularly in response to complaints from other group members. Facebook or individual post authors may also choose to limit commenting or turn off commenting completely. These actions are beyond our scope of control.

La Zenia Community Facebook Group rules

No promotion of a commercial business or Spam postings

The La Zenia Community Facebook Group is a social group intended to benefit the people who live on the Orihuela Costa, the people who visit our beautiful part of Spain, and the businesses that we enjoy every day.

As a social group, local bars, restaurants, and other social venues are welcome to promote their business in any creative way of their choosing. After all, the rich and varied choices that social businesses bring to the area are a vital ingredient of life here in Spain.

If you would like to promote your local business on our social platforms, we have advertising options for all sizes of commercial enterprises. Follow this link for more information about how we can help you reach more customers locally.

No promotion of any other social groups or Facebook pages

We love to hear your personal recommendations of other local businesses, so if you've got something nice to say about a restaurant, a hairdresser, or even your gardener or plumber, let everyone know about it. Just not your accountant, lawyer, or estate agent.

Personal recommendations are allowed, self-promotion isn't. Don't advertise or promote other Facebook pages or groups, your Instagram account, or your latest TikTok video. Our group members are socially savvy individuals and they really won't be interested.

Posts that promote charities, fundraising, or good causes are not permitted within the group unless they are part of an organised event to be held at a physical local venue, such as a fair to raise money for a charity or cause.

No items for sale or promoting properties within the La Zenia group

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to buy and sell on the Orihuela Costa but that's just not what the La Zenia Community Facebook Group is about. Posts for items for sale are not permitted by the Facebook group rules and will be removed.

Selling homes or property in Spain is a notoriously complicated business, so please don't try to buy or sell a Spanish property using Facebook. In both instances, we recommend getting in touch with a local real estate agent or a registered property professional.

Content that provides advice, information, tips, and self-help for buying or selling property, is not accepted in the group. Advertising villas, apartments, or any type of residential or commercial property for sale is not allowed within the group.

Tourist rental property and advertising for short-term holiday accommodation will only be accepted in the group when accompanied by the Valencian Government's tourist licence number – complete, and displayed in a prominent location.

La Zenia Community Facebook Group rules

Respect for animals and the prevention of animal cruelty

Many members of the group are avid animal lovers. We love all animals, but we appreciate there are times when cat-people don't always see eye-to-eye with dog-people. Some people just don't love animals, and that's okay too, it's what makes us all different.

But posts or comments that are disrespectful to any animal or its owners are not permitted. Posting images or comments about animal abuse, or encouraging others to engage in the abuse of animals is one of the quickest ways to find yourself permanently excluded from the group.

If you've lost your pet or you've found one, please feel free to share the information with members of the group. But we don't allow posts from animal charities for pet rehoming or fostering – there are plenty of other Facebook Groups available for that purpose.

No illegal content, intellectual property, defamatory and adult content

We strive to maintain a family-friendly environment for everyone and our Facebook Group rules don't allow swearing, depictions of nudity, or any form of content suited only for an adult audience.

Posts or comments that might be illegal (or offer goods or services that might be illegal), defamatory, or infringe someone's intellectual property or copyright are prohibited. Do not post photos or images that contain police officers, paramedics, or any member of our security or emergency services personnel.

Questions, posts or open discussion regarding the purchase, sale, gift or trade of prescription or non-prescription pharmaceutical drugs and/or non-medical (recreational) drugs, are prohibited by Facebook's Community Standards on regulated goods.

Posts or comments which are needlessly inflammatory, divisive, or incite hatred, crime, or violence have no place within the group. Content designed to sow doubt or needless worry, particularly commercial clickbait that is deceptive, sensationalised, or otherwise misleading, is not permitted.

The Community Group is a social group, so political content is not permitted, including content that reflects the express political opinion of a person or group, or content that is critical of national, local, or regional public service authorities in Spain.

La Zenia Community Facebook Group rules

Simple Facebook Group rules, everyone is welcome to join the conversation

You don't need to live in La Zenia or have an interest in the Orihuela Costa area to join the group. Everyone is welcome.

And don't forget, there are plenty of things you can do in the Facebook group. The group is a wonderful medium for connecting people in other parts of the world to our locale, so feel free to share photos of the local area and your most memorable moments and experiences.

Do you have valuable local information? Let everyone know about it. Bars, share your offers and events and tantalise us with your inappropriately named cocktails. Restaurants, show off your culinary expertise and your needlessly exuberant menus.

People, jump into the conversation online. Click here to join the La Zenia Community Facebook Group and find out what´s going on locally.

Use of the La Zenia Community Facebook Group is subject to our terms and conditions and Facebook's Groups and Events Policies. We operate a GDPR-compliant privacy policy for your peace of mind.

Photo credit: Elena Martin / Jackie Sullivan / LaZenia.com.

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