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State of Emergency and special measures on the Orihuela Costa

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES Yesterday was a Friday 13th like no other in the history of Europe's southern-most peninsular, and nationwide, people across Spain are facing a raft of new public safety measures aimed at halting the transmission of coronavirus throughout the country.

For only the second time since 1978, the Spanish government under the leadership of President Pedro Sánchez has declared the highest state of emergency, introducing extraordinary measures intended to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2 infection by limiting groups of people and encouraging residents to remain in their home.

The new rules are temporary, but they will affect visitors and people living in the Orihuela Costa community. So what's happened over the last 24 hours and how do the new public safety measures affect you?

State of Emergency and special measures on the Orihuela Costa

Alicante province registers 36 positive CoVid-19 infections and the first death

Locally, the Alicante Province has diagnosed 57 people with a positive coronavirus infection, an increase of 31 over the previous 24 hours. Crucially, our home province also registered its first death.

As a precaution, the University Hospital in Torrevieja has brought in measures prohibiting patients from receiving visitors, and people attending the hospital or seeking treatment must do so unaccompanied.

Nationwide, Spain has 6,043 confirmed cases of patients that have tested positive for CoVid-19 coronavirus (an increase of 1,266 over 24 hours), and 191 people have tragically lost their lives to the disease. 517 people remain in hospital for treatment.

The vast majority of those with a positive coronavirus diagnosis are located in the Spanish capital city of Madrid or central Northern provinces such as Burgos and La Rioja, with an increased risk of the virus spreading to the northwestern autonomous community of Galicia.

State of Emergency and special measures on the Orihuela Costa

State of Emergency: bars and restaurants closed in Orihuela Costa for 15 days

At 20:00 yesterday the Valencian government ordered the closure of leisure amenities throughout the province. Taking effect from midnight last night (Friday), the closures are aimed at halting the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The extraordinary measures affect all non-essential businesses across the local Orihuela Costa community and will remain in effect for 15 days until Sunday 29th March. Realistically, this means most businesses won't be operating normally until the following day, Monday 30th March.

The closures affect all commercial enterprises, including:

  • Restaurants, bars and cafeterias
  • Bakeries, hairdressers and florists
  • Shops, shopping centres, retail outlets and all types of commerce
  • Open-air shows and concerts, fairs, theme parks and amusement parks
  • Gymnasiums, swimming pools and sports centres
  • Theatres, concert halls and cinemas
  • Libraries and museums
  • Discos, ballrooms, nightclubs and pubs
  • Casinos and bingo halls

Businesses that provide essential products and services required for everyday life are excluded from the temporary prohibition and may continue to open to the public: supermarkets, pharmacies, and petrol stations (for the sale of vehicle fuels only).

State of Emergency and special measures on the Orihuela Costa

Coronavirus: beaches in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa off-limits

In a statement issued by the mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, the beaches of the Orihuela Costa will remain closed from 07:00 this morning whilst the national State of Emergency measures remain in effect.

The prohibition includes parks and children's playgrounds, and signs have been installed on the beaches warning people to stay away from the beaches. The city hall of Torrevieja has introduced similar rules to prevent access to the beaches throughout the city.

Meantime, a dedicated line has been announced for the pandemic. If you or someone you know thinks they might have any symptoms of coronavirus infection or any flu-like symptoms whatsoever, do not go to a medical centre, a doctor's surgery, or a hospital. Instead, call +34 900 300 555 for assistance.

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    • Hi Ann, at the moment it seems like ANYTHING is possible, but I doubt Alicante airport will close. After all, Madrid appears to be the centre of infection but the authorities haven´t moved to close the airports there. I would think it´s more likely that carriers will simply choose not to fly to Spain.

      • Does anyone know whether there are coronavirus positive cases in orihuela costa (especially la zenia and cabo roig area)?

        • Hi Helen, it is not possible to know. Torrevieja Hospital reported on Monday that they had 70 positive tests for coronavirus so far, but Orihuela Costa does not have a hospital so no cases are recorded for La Zenia or Cabo Roig. All other statistical data is collected by province and community.

    • Looking at the flights this morning before 10am there were 6 flights coming into alicante from madrid! TOTAL madness!

    • There is no mask or gloves available in shops or chemists in Rojales, Quesada, Benirofar or we suppose to wear those. What is being done to remedy to thaïs situation.

  1. Hi i am Booked on a flight back to uk on Tuesday Ryanair will i be repatriated as have no wehre to live in Spain Or the Fundes to remain

    • Hi John, please check with Ryanair directly. The latest news suggests that they are planning to “severely reduce” the number of flights, so you´ll need to find out what options they can offer you, including the possibility of a flight with an alternative carrier or via a different airport.

  2. What’s going to happen to all the irresponsible people who came down to the coast from Madrid and brought the disease to us.????

    • 1 have a flight booked from Alicante to Gatwick on the 14th of April. I know it’s still three weeks but will my flight be cancelled and will. I be informed
      Mrs J Weston

      • Good morning Mrs Weston, no one can say for sure what´s going to happen in the future, this is an extraordinary situation for all of us. However, it´s very likely that your flight will be cancelled due to the close proximity of your arrival date to the current public safety measures. Best advice would be to contact your airline in this instance. Thanks.

    • Stop the people from Madrid coming to orihuela costa the police should be at the junctions and therefore make them turn around and go back home. These Spanish people are very selfish and should also be fined…they won’t do it again!!!

      • The borders of the Valencian Community are currently closed to limit the mobility of the virus, with restrictions in place to protect public health.

  3. I have a ferfy bopked on the 29th March at1715 would i be able go travel to Santander from Orihuela Costa. Regards Barry

  4. I have a flight booked out of Alicante this Tuesday morning 17th March with Norwegian airlines flying to London Gatwick. I have checked and so far it seems to be still ok. If anyone has any further information about the possibility of it being cancelled or Alicante airport closing then please let me know. Thanks

  5. We are touring in our campervan but temporarily in an apartment until Tuesday morning.

    Where are people like us meant to go. For example, I’m assuming campsites are closed.

    • Hi Elaine, ideally, you need to stay where you are. The purpose of the public safety measures is to limit movement and prevent the spread of infection, so speak with those who own your apartment. It´s unlikely they have guests coming while the special measures are in force.

  6. Will I be allowed to overstay the 183 days. Been here as non resident since October but don’t wish to go to U.K. are in the process of getting residencia, but need 3 months bank statements.

    • Hi Dot, I´m afraid we´re not in a position to be able to confirm that for certain. However, if you are already in Spain I would imagine the advice to stay where you are in order to get a pandemic under control that´s costing lives, will be treated with much more importance than meeting long term fiscal, tax, or residency requirements.

  7. Hi I am getting concerned at reports that police are being overly strict with people leaving there homes with threats of on the spot fines and up to a year in jail. Surely they are not targeting those legitimate people like me who have self isolated but am now desperate to get food after 7days at home?? I understand completely people have to stay at home to defeat this pandemic but I hope police are targeting those people who are breaking isolation just because they want to walk the dog or are bored and irresponsible.

  8. I am in UK and my car is due ITV on 30th March but I cant get back. When I do go back my car is out of MOT but I will have to drive from airport. Likely I will be fined if caught???

    • Hi Patrick, that is possible. But perhaps a better solution would be to hire a car for a short period of time (very cheap out of season) and arrange a recovery vehicle to take your car to the ITV station once you are back in Spain. If you hire a car locally where you live, rather than from the airport, you won´t have an issue taking the car back either.

  9. Please, be supportive. My country need a chance to survive this tragedy. Give your example: stay where you are and think in your fellow human beings.

  10. What’s the point of publishing news that is a week old? I think you should cut down on the reams of print mostly drivel and concentrate on the important facts that readers want!!!!!!!

    • Hi Harold, and thanks for your comment. The news article you commented on IS a week old. You can find the latest articles on our website or Facebook page.

  11. There is no mask or gloves available in shops or chemists in Rojales, Quesada, Benirofar or we suppose to wear those. What is being done to remedy to thaïs situation.

    • Hi Chantale, in short, nothing is being done to remedy this situation. Ensuring essential medical supplies reach our hospitals, health centres, and frontline medical personnel takes priority at this moment. You should remain in your home unless you have a lawful reason to leave. If you go shopping (for essential items only), supermarkets provide gloves and/or hand sanitiser upon entry to the store for your use.

  12. Do we know the up- to- date situation on number of serious and death from the 120 positive cases in torrevieja hospital?


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