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Police campaign against illegal street waste in Orihuela Costa

LOCAL ORIHUELA COSTA POLICE are reinforcing their campaign against illegal fly-tipping, issuing 25 complaints for non-compliance with local public cleanliness laws in the last 2 weeks.

The initiative began earlier this year, with Local Police officers deploying drones to record incidences of fly-tipping and dumping of domestic rubbish on the streets of Orihuela Costa.

The force announced that 10 offences were detected in the first four days of the offensive, with people reported for dumping garden waste and large items of furniture towards the end of May.

And on Friday morning, Orihuela's Local Police released a video on their official Twitter account reminding residents when and where they are permitted to dispose of their household refuse and garden waste.

The video footage, presumably filmed by a drone, shows a person with a van dumping garden waste from a large builder's aggregate bag directly onto the street in a parking zone adjacent to empty land.

The short 45-second clip shows the unsuspecting subject being approached by a patrol car and ends with a message “Professionals are reminded that they must manage their own waste (according to) Article 72 of the municipal ordinance. And we remind individuals of the locations, collection days and contact numbers.”

Police campaign against illegal street waste in Orihuela Costa

Orihuela Costa offers a free rubbish collection service

Dumping rubbish on the streets or in any other public space is a civil offence in the Orihuela Costa area and the financial penalties can be eye-watering. Minor offences of littering attract fines of up to €750 for a single offence, while more serious infractions of the civil ordinance attract fines of up to €3,000.

Some residents and holiday home owners seem unaware of the local regulations, and often people place items beside the collection bins mistakenly believing that they are “recycling” their unwanted items, and that they will have some value for others.

However, placing unwanted items of furniture, building rubble, garden waste, and household refuse in the streets contributes to the degradation of our neighbourhoods, causes access problems for residents, and constitutes a potential hazard to the health and wellbeing of the community as a whole.

However, Orihuela Town Hall offers a free collection service for domestic refuse, garden waste, and unwanted household appliances and furniture.

The free service operates 6-days a week throughout the year, serving different areas of the Orihuela Costa on differing days. Complete service information can be found on stickers attached to each bin, or find out what day the service operates in your area here.

Play your part to keep our streets clean, simply call +34 966 076 100 extension 4500 to request a free refuse collection. Alternatively, contact the Town Hall via email at costa@orihuela.es to ask for authorisation to dispose of your rubbish or unwanted household goods.

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