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TV and internet service providers for residents and holiday home owners

ONE OF THE MOST COMMONLY tasked questions we hear from local residents that move to our little part of Spain is “Who are the best TV and internet service providers in the Orihuela Costa area?”

It's an important point. In our ever-more connected world, being without an internet connection is simply not an option for many people who rely on internet access for news, communications, social content, or even for working. The internet forms an essential part of our everyday lives.

The same can be said for holiday home owners here in Spain. They'll need access to TV services and a high-speed broadband internet connection while they're visiting, but understandably, some property owners won't want to pay for something all year round that they plan to use relatively infrequently.

Instead, holiday home owners will be looking for a pay-as-you-go style internet service that can be activated and deactivated, turned on or off on demand to suit their schedule for future visits, providing an overall low cost during the year.

So who can you go to for digital services here in Spain, what services are on offer, what speeds are available in Spain, and how much does it all cost? Here are our top TV and internet service providers in Orihuela Costa.

TV and internet service providers in Punta Prima

Avatel Telecom, La Zenia

Avatel offers unmetered on-demand internet services for homeowners in Spain with symmetrical broadband data speeds of 600Mb (on both upload and download).

For homeowners looking for an on/off internet connection, the company provides high-speed internet access with free installation and a contracted rate of €24.99 per calendar month.

The service can be activated for just one month at a time, ideal for holiday home owners, and a disconnection fee of €4.99 is charged each time a customer requests temporary termination of the service.

Avatel offers packages and deals for permanent residents on the Orihuela Costa, with fibre optic internet connections from €24.99 per month including a free Spanish landline, a 12-month contract, and upgrade options including ClicTV (no English-language channels) and Amazon Prime.

WiMAX digital internet services are available for remote locations or properties that lack cabled internet coverage, with speeds of 6Mb or 12Mb and prices from €18.00 per month.

The internet service provider boasts its own state-of-the-art fibre optic network and complete online account management in Spanish and English languages – ideal for holiday home owners who might not be here for the majority of the year.

Avatel Telecom has local offices in Pinar de Campoverde, Pilar de la Horadada, and Zenia Boulevard shopping centre in La Zenia.


TV and internet service providers in Cabo Roig

VegaFibra, San Miguel de Salinas

Self-branded as “The King of the Fibre”, VegaFibra provide internet services to customers across the South Costa Blanca area. Originally two separate companies, VegaFibra formed from the merger of goFibra and the SomosFibra group.

Undoubtedly one of the largest local TV and internet service providers, for Orihuela Costa, the company offers fibre optic internet connections with speeds of 600Mb and free installation.

Using the VegaFibra X-Days service, holiday home owners can request and pay for the exact number of days they require an internet connection. In essence, renting or hiring only the internet access they need.

A week costs €14.00, two weeks cost €22.00, and complete 30-day access for a whole month costs €38.00.

Payment needs to be made in advance no later than 48-hours before the service is scheduled to start, and termination of the service occurs automatically at the end of the hire period.

Payment can be made in person at any VegaFibra office, or customers can choose to set up a direct debit from a Spanish bank account to fund the on-demand internet service only when it's needed.

The scheme benefits from clear and low ongoing costs, the ability to pay only for the exact number of days required, and minimal outlay once the initial installation has been completed.

For residents, VegaFibra offers super high-speed internet access with broadband speeds of 600Mb for a fixed cost of €24.99 per month, free installation, and a variety of discounted promotions and incentives to attract new customers.

The company has more than 20 local offices including locations in San Miguel de Salinas and Torrevieja, and online account management in Spanish, Russian, English, French, and German languages.


TV and internet service providers in Los Dolses

NoLimitNet, Los Dolses

From one of the largest suppliers of local internet services to one of the smallest. NoLimitNet has a single office located within the Los Dolses commercial centre, offering a range of packages for holiday home owners and permanent residents in Spain.

A basic internet-only package costs €25 per month for a 600Mb fibre optic data connection, and installation is free of charge for customers that sign a 12-month contract.

Broadband speeds are available up to 1,000 Mb for an additional €10 per month, and the company offers a fast WiMax service with speeds up to 50Mb for properties unable to access a cabled connection. Their WiMax Air Fibre service costs €25 per month.

NoLimitNet also offers popular TV channels from the UK and Germany for an additional €5 per month, or a comprehensive UK TV package that includes prominent sports channels for €25 per month.

The company offer a suite of money-saving packages and additional services such as fixed landlines, Spanish mobile SIM card packages, and personalised holiday contract options for seasonal residents and homeowners.

NoLimitNet offer a dedicated website in English, online account management, and technical support 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Established in 2014, the local internet supplier has its own network with plans in place to provide 100% coverage of all residential areas in the Orihuela Costa.


TV and internet service providers in La Zenia

Olé Comunicaciön, La Zenia

Olé pioneered the first installation of a fibre optic data network throughout the Orihuela Costa. Based in La Zenia, the company offers a suite of packages to suit holiday home owners and permanent residents and they are one of the local area's favoured TV and internet service providers.

Pay-as-you-go holiday packages cost €38.00 for a 300Mb connection, and an ultra-fast 600Mb fibre optic internet connection costs €43.00 per month.

For an additional €10.00 per month customers can add a TV package with more than 200 popular radio and TV channels, including English language TV channels such as BBC and ITV, plus international channels in Spanish, French, German and Russian.

Initial express installation costs €49.00 and the internet service can be turned on or off by phone or email almost instantly. Previous clients have stated that they have called from Alicante airport to activate the service prior to arrival at their holiday home.

The service can be activated for a minimum of 30-days at a time and there's a 3-month minimum usage condition per year. The company offers technical support and service calls in your home with customer service in English and Spanish languages.

For permanent residents living on the Orihuela Costa, Olë offers complete fibre optic internet installations using the latest whole-home Mesh WiFi, landline telephones, international terrestrial TV services, and mobile packages with up to 120Mb of monthly data.

Installations for permanent homeowners start from €27.00 per month for a 300Mb internet connection. A Spanish landline can be connected for an additional €11.00 per month offering unlimited free calls to all popular international destinations.

Olé Comunicaciön provides fibre optic internet services to the areas of La Zenia, Playa Flamenca, Aguamarina, Las Ramblas, El Barranco, Los Dolses, La Florida, Villamartín, Punta Prima, Cabo Roig, Entrenaranjos, and many more.


TV and internet service providers in Villamartin

DVBLab Communication, Torrevieja

Another small tech company punching above its weight, DVBLab in Torrevieja has a great local reputation for outstanding customer service.

The company offers a basic 300Mb internet service for €19.90 per month, a 600Mb high-speed internet connection for €24.90, or a 1,000Mb Gigabit internet fibre optic connection for €29.90 per month.

Higher speed services enjoy the benefit of free UK Freesat TV channels with a paid option to upgrade the TV service to include premium content delivered by UK pay-TV broadcasters.

DVBLab Communication also offers a start/stop internet package with 400Mb data speeds for €29 per month, with the ability to connect or disconnect the service so customers pay only for what they need while in Spain.

The start/stop on-demand internet connection can be turned on or off online, and the service can be complemented with UK Freesat TV channels as an optional extra. Different TV channel selections are also available for Spanish, Russian, and Scandinavian customers.

For maximum flexibility, customers can request internet and television services to start on a specific date and buy a minimum of one month's access at any time.

Orders can be made and paid for in advance with a debit or credit card, and any unused time remains valid for use within one calendar year from the date of purchase. Additional subscriptions for one month or more can be purchased as needed.

In most cases, initial installation costs €149 with concessions for residents and homeowners prepared to sign a 12-month contract.

Technical support is available in most common languages including English and German, and the DVBLab website can be accessed in English, Spanish, and Russian languages.

DVBLab Communication has an office in the centre of Torrevieja along the Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas with plenty of free parking, making access simple and hassle-free.


TV and internet service providers in Campoamor

Flexa Networks, La Zenia

Looking like a subtle rebrand of the VegaFiba website, Flexa Networks may be sharing online resources with the self-proclaimed “King of the Fibre”, but Flexa is a separate business.

Just like VegaFibra, Flexa Networks offer the same X-Days service that allows holiday home owners to request and pay for the exact number of days that an internet connection is required for.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the cost is the same whichever provider you choose. A week of high-speed internet access costs €14.00, two weeks cost €22.00, and complete 30-day access for a whole month costs €38.00.

The service can be requested online anytime at least 48-hours before the service is scheduled to start, and termination of the service occurs automatically at the end of the hire period.

There's a minimum switched-on period of 3-days, and the temporary X-Days service can be activated for a maximum of 90-days at a time – ideal for most seasonal residents and homeowners.

Payment can be made in person at any Flexa Networks office, but unlike VegaFibra, Flexa Networks have an office right here in La Zenia, plus local offices in Pilar de la Horadada and Torre de la Horadada.

A 600 Mb symmetrical broadband internet connection costs €24.99 per month with special discounts and free installation available for new customers with a 12-month contract.


TV and internet service providers in Playa Flamenca

TV and internet service providers on the Orihuela Costa

This article was compiled using feedback and personal recommendations from members of the La Zenia Community Facebook Group, based on the customer experiences of people that live here and use the services. Other TV and internet service providers may be available in the local Orihuela Costa area.

Details and prices were checked for accuracy upon publication but may be subject to change over time. Please ensure you check the latest availability and pricing information directly with each internet service provider (via the links provided above) before undertaking a contractual obligation.

Looking for holiday ideas and travel inspiration? Find out more about our favourite recommended things to do on the Orihuela Costa or join the La Zenia community Facebook group and find out what's going on in the local area.

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  1. Hi
    In the process of purchasing a house in Playa Flamenca
    Once all completes can I arrange to have broadband fitted
    What notice do I give and how long will it take once I’ve ordered
    To be installed

    Thanks Alan

    • Hi Alan, the installation time depends on the time of year and the supplier, but typically you should expect to wait no longer than a week for a new internet connection in Playa Flamenca. Some suppliers can complete an installation in less than 48-hours, so it´s best to get in-touch with broadband suppliers directly once you know when you´ll be moving in.

  2. We have a holiday apartment on the Costa del Sol, at Finca Dona Maria, Benalmadena and spend 4 to 5 months there each year can you provide a internet service that allows suspension of the internet service whilst back in the UK. IF so what is the monthly cost?

  3. I am in the process of selling my house in la Florida and need to cancellation my broadband etc. As I am selling because of ill health I am unable to come back to Spain. At the moment I am paying for part time viewing but the people who are buying the house maybe will want to sign up. Can I now cancel my contract please.


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