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No retail therapy, Zenia Boulevard forced to close shops

AFTER OPENING DAILY for more than four years, new rules will force Zenia Boulevard and other large stores and shopping centres throughout Orihuela Costa to close tomorrow.

Larger commercial centres and shopping malls in South Costa Blanca have been allowed to trade seven days a week since October 2013.

However, an amendment to the law that regulates opening hours and Sunday trading passed two years ago in March 2015 comes into effect tomorrow.

The Valencian Parliament approved the amendment earlier this month and dictates that large shops and shopping centres can open on only 40 Sundays and public holidays each year.

The measures have a direct effect on Zenia Boulevard in La Zenia, the Habaneras Shopping Centre in Torrevieja, and large retailers in Pilar de la Horadada.

And perhaps unusually, the modification to the law does not moderate opening times during the months of July, August or September, when Spain expects the annual influx of tourists.

No retail therapy, Zenia Boulevard forced to close shops

Local news outlets have been reporting an expected increase in the number of shoppers predicted to travel to alternative shopping malls based in Murcia, particularly the Dos Mares commercial centre in San Javier, just 15 km from Zenia Boulevard.

The change in legislation does not affect smaller businesses, and recreational facilities, cafes, and restaurants at Zenia Boulevard will all remain open tomorrow as usual.

However, the Costa Blanca's favourite shopping centre is standing firm with a live music show at 13:00 tomorrow performed by Abba Elite, a tribute act to the legendary Swedish pop icons.

Zenia Boulevard has produced an opening hours calendar for 2018 highlighting which days are affected by the change in legislation, and which days visitors can expect full retail service.

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Photo credit: LaZenia.com

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Alexander Pichlmayr
Alexander Pichlmayrhttp://www.lazenia.com
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  1. If the workers agree it cannot be a bad thing. But – those of us in Spain during the recession understand how much this centre and 7 days per week jobs were needed

  2. Don’t understand why. As a roman Catholic shopping on a Sunday does not effect my faith.
    Sunday is the busiest day, with Spanish people ex pats and visitors.
    This will effect the viability of this fabulous facility in this area.
    We’ve been residents here for 8 year’s. Think we are going back to the UK and taking our disposal income.

    • If you read the article properly it clearly states that the stores can open for 40 Sundays and ALL public holidays. As there are 52 Sundays a year (53 in a leap year) there will only be 12 days when they are not open. The article also states that there is a modification to the new law that states during July, August and September the new law does not apply. If all you are living in Spain for is La Zenia Boulevard being open 24/7 365 days of the year then I feel sorry for you. Spain is so much more that shopping centers!

      • If you look on the calendar, there are about 20 days of closure, but I understand why it’s upsetting some people. Sunday is our leisurely day as with many families and is our most commin day for mooching round La Zenia or Habaneras. It is a shame

  3. Because of shift patterns I know someone who has lost their part time job because of this change. She would cover the days people had off during the week as they obviously didnt work 7 days a week. Now they all have Sunday off and don’t need the person covering… ridiculous in my opinion… Valencia needs to drag itself into the 21st century not be stuck.in Medieval times.. we have markets to celebrate that era !!

  4. What’s happening to Orihuela Costa, first the chiringuitos were closed down on Punta Prima sea front, now the Boulevard, does the council not want tourism and the money it brings ???? Orihuela Costa is becoming a run down boring lifeless place to live.

  5. I think it’s a good idea. It gives the markets a better chance of making a few euros I also think the big corporations make enough in 6 days

  6. jesus freaking christ I cannot believe how slow and so behind spain is. utterly ridiculous. no wonder spains so broke. spain would be so doomed without the EU. spains economy is horrendous always going backwards and not forward. purely dissapointing. what a joke.


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